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'iPhone Gun' Surfaces, Police On Alert

The police in Europe are on high alert after they received a warning stating that a 9mm double-barrel gun designed like an iPhone could make its way into the region when it goes on sale in the United States.


The foldable 'iPhone Gun' is disguised as an iPhone and can transform into a lethal weapon at the touch of a button. 



Reports stated that it will be imported to criminals in Europe within days and the weapon will go on sale for nearly 330 pounds. The Belgium police were alerted about it following a spate of terrorist attacks in Europe.


Minnesota-based manufacturer Ideal Conceal created it and the device will go on sale next week in the United States. The company on its Facebook page said, "Smartphones are everywhere, so your new pistol will easily blend in with today's environment. In its locked position it will be virtually undetectable because it hides in plain sight."