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Manuka honey is an antibiotic

Manuka honey is often labeled as the super food that can boost energy. It is termed as the best detox to clear our body systems. Also, Manuka honey can treat ailments.


Now, a study says, it is an antibiotic and is different from the normal one as it has an additional component to its potent antimicrobial activity.


Manuka honey can also disperse and kill bacteria living in biofilms and also note that not all manuka honeys necessarily have high levels of antimicrobial activity.



Interestingly, it has been used to treat both infected and non-infected wounds – leg ulcers, burns, surgical incisions and many others.


It is important to remember that all the above mentioned properties are not solely linked to Manuka honey. Other types of honeys also work better.


Several other things like eating this honey can hay fever sufferers, anti-ageing properties, detox and few others are scientifically not discovered.