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Prof Kodandaram to meet Uttam Kumar, Revanth: Agitation in TRS camp

An interesting development is unfolding in Telangana politics. JAC leader Prof Kodandaram, who was with KCR during the Telangana agitation, but split after the formation of the new state, is said to be contemplating his political future. Kondandaram is to visit TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy at his home this afternoon.



The purpose of this visit is to get Uttam Kumar's support for 'Koluvulakai Kotlata' movement started by Kodandaram. However, it is also being expected that this is a coming together of anti-KCR forces. Insiders say that Revanth Reddy would also join in the meeting between Kodandaram and Uttam Kumar Reddy. In addition to obtaining TPCC's support for Koluvulakai Kotlata, the future political strategy for the state might also be decided at this important meeting.

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