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Sasikala's assets worth Rs 5 lakh crores... IT Department finds...

Jayalalithaa's close aide Sasikala has been left with nothing, rued a follower of 'Chinnamma' before the media the othe other day, almost in tears. The scene that met the IT department when they raided Sasikala's properties conveyed a very different picture. The IT department scrutinised all the property and records of the 'Mannargudi Mafia'.



The ED found that Sasikala had parked Rs 1.311 lakh crores in 3 lakh companies across the country. The licenses of 2.2 lakh companies were instantly cancelled. Another calculation estimates that Sasikala managed to accumulate Rs 5 lakh crores taking advantage of her proximity to Jayalalithaa.


Sasikala's followers are also being raided and dozens of bunkers stuffed with bundles of crores of rupees are being unearthed, revealed the IT department. Some images related to this are doing the rounds in the media.

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