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Why is KCR distancing himself from the Hyderabad Metro?

The Hyderabad Metro has come a long way from the days of Maytas Infra to the present date set for its inauguration by Prime Minister Modi. This journey has been fraught with difficulties. From the foundation of the metro rail to its inauguration, the project has seen three successive governments. It is during the term of the KCR-led TRS Government that the Metro will finally start functioning. This, however, has not deterred other parties from claiming the project. The debate is still ongoing.



In truth, the Hyderabad Metro Rail project was first conceived by then CM Chandrababu Naidu, to counter rising traffic issues in Hyderabad. However, the project took off only under the YSR government. Maytas Infra, an affiliate of Satyam company, was given the contract for the metro rail. However, after the Satyam scam, this deal was canceled, with L&T taking over the contract later. The political developments in the state - the death of YSR, the bifurcation of the state, and the formation of the new Telangana state severely impacted the project.


With each delay, the cost of the project also escalated. The naysayers started to complain that the delay was due to KCR's government. During the Telangana agitation, KCR had given certain assurances to the people to be displaced by the Sultan Bazaar metro station. To keep his word, he had to negotiate with L& T. Claiming that the metro construction was affecting the heritage buildings, KCR also opposed metro rail around the Legislative Assembly. The construction work came to stand still due to his insistence on a changed route map. The construction has recently been paced up and completed on a war footing. With just one phase complete, the TRS government has arranged for the metro to be inaugurated by PM Modi.


Just as Chandrababu Naidu claims that he is the propelling force behind setting up of Hitech city even after two decades, KCR seems to be interested in claiming that the Hyderabad Metro is his contribution. He may also present the metro as the first step in making Hyderabad a world-class city. However, TPCC has started attacking KCR saying that he is the cause of the delay. The TRS cadres are gossipping that considering KCR has nothing to say in his defense, he has distanced himself from the metro rail project and shifted his attention to his original projects like Yadadri, Bhadradri, Bhagiratha. This the reason for Minister KTR becoming the figurehead of Hyderabad Metro. KCR is said to have decided that besides taking the first ride in the metro with PM Modi, he would refrain from other metro-related programs.