A baby boy just broke a record as one of the biggest ever born in Texas. According to the USA Today, Ali James Medlock was born in Arlington on December 12 weighing 14 pounds, 13 ounces, stretching 21.5 inches long.

He required intensive care after his C-section delivery, partly due to his size.

His blood sugar was dangerously low, as were his platelet levels, and he was short of breath.

But after a week, his parents – Jennifer and Eric took him home to meet his sister Annabelle, who had been a big baby – weighing a little over nine pounds.

The doctor said in 30 years of delivering babies he’d never encountered such a large baby.

The biggest baby ever born in the world was in Seville, Ohio in 1879, weighing 23 pounds. The boy died 11 hours later.

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