Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson and others

Director: Shankar

Release date: 29th November 2018

The successful combination of Rajinikanth and Shankar is back for the third time for ‘2.o’ after delivering blockbusters ‘Sivaji’ and ‘Robo’.

The movie has been in the making for over 2 years and was made with a whopping budget of over 500 crores. The movie has finally hit the screens. Let’s see how the movie fares.

Story: The basic point is how the excessive usage of mobile phones and other electronic devices has been leading to the extinction of many birds.



The first half is decent, it’s the second half that blows your mind away with mesmerising visual effects and the last 30 minutes can be said as the biggest plus for the movie.

Though there’s nothing much to boast about the story, Akshay Kumar’s flashback episodes is the soul of the movie.

AR Rahman’s BGM is another major asset to the movie.


Verdict: On the whole, ‘2.o’is another blockbuster from Shankar and Rajinikanth after a long time. It’s a sure watch.

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