A beer lover's letter goes viral

The Fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya who fled to the UK in March 2016, is the most wanted criminals in India for Kingfisher Airlines’ default on loans worth nearly Rs 9,000 crores. Mallya, who also owns the Kingfisher beverages is adamant to return to India despite the Indian government sent several notices to him.

But, if he can see and understand the letter written by a beer lover from Telangana, Mallya might surely reconsider his decision and come back to India.
Getting into the details, a beer lover from Jagityala of Telangana wrote a letter addressing collector stating that the sale of Kingfisher beer had dropped drastically and some tasteless beers are sold in place of them. He blamed the wine shop of owners of Jagityal banned the sale of Kingfisher beers by forming a syndicate.
He also urged the government to initiate action on the wineshop dealers and bring back the Kingfisher beers back into the market.