A common man's open letter to Sri Reddy

Actress Sri Reddy who now proclaims as ‘Sri Shakti’ who took the charge to put an end to the ‘casting couch’ menace in the film industry, got huge support from the media, few co-artists, and the women organizations.

But, what comes interesting is a common man’s open letter to Sri Reddy which indirectly criticizes her.
In his letter, the common man posed 7 questions to Sri Reddy and demanded an explanation.
1. You’ve been around in the film industry for 10-12 long years but has done only two movies which sank without any trace. How are you leading a luxury life with a costly car and luxurious flat despite being jobless for so long?

2. Hailing from a lower middle-class family, where did you get so much money from and looking at your dresses, it’s clearly evident that at least you need 2 lakhs to meet your monthly needs. What is your source of income?


3. Though not defending the ‘casting couch’ scandal and culprits, how can someone cheat or exploit you without your consent? All your chatting screenshots clearly indicate that it’s from both the ends and it was a mere give and take policy. You said it’s been around 10 years in the industry and aware of the existence of ‘casting couch’, and you woke up just now?


4. Looking at the intimate pictures with Abhiram, it’s clear that you both have enjoyed each other’s company and there’s no scope for ‘casting couch’. As something went bad between you both, you have started making allegations. As the film industry runs on crores of money, it’s their wish to rope the saleable actors and actresses. Who is looking at regional barries in the days of Globalization? Are you more beautiful and talented than Anushka, Tamannah, and Rakul Preet, Nithya Menen, Shruthi Haasan?


5. Casting couch has been existing since ages and it goes on mutual consent with each other. It doesn’t mean that everyone who agrees with it would get the chances. It’s the talent that speaks and offers won’t knock your door just by spending with someone. Are the Telugu actresses Madhavi Latha, Sri Vidya, really talented? Do the directors and heroes doesn’t know whom to cast as the heroine? Is it not a comedy to call yourself as a heroine material?


6. If you are truly willing to put an end to this menace and punish Abhiram, you should have contacted the Police and lodged a complaint. We got know your intention the day you took the media channels help to create hype for yourself. It has become an entertainment to the public and finally, it’s you who will become the scapegoat.


7. Even the public got vexed up with your overaction and even the media wouldn’t encourage you henceforth as the TRP won’t increase even though you go for a nude act. You are not a great actress for the filmmakers to offer you the roles. The damage is already done and you will come to know in the next 3 months, but by that time, it’s the end of the chapter.

A fed-up common man