Added woes to BJP's misery

With it’s just over 24 hours for the floor test, both the BJP and Congress are making their best efforts to prove their majority. While Congress is confidently claiming that over 10 MLAs are ready to join them, BJP, on the other hand, is trying to lure the MLAs by offering Rs 200 crores to each one, apart from the Cabinet post.

Even Modi is making wise moves by trying to win HD Devegowda’s favor and sent heartfelt wishes to Gowda on his birthday. There are speculations that BJP is trying to provoke Deve Gowda and his other son Revanna against Kumaraswamy who is in favor of Congress.
On other hand, the news of Hasan constituency MLA Preetam Gowda willing to join the JD(S) had added more woes to the BJP’s misery.
The Congress won 78 seats, BJP won 104, JD(S) 38 and others 2.