Air quality worsens in Delhi

Delhi has been struggling with severe air quality for the last couple of years and the air pollution in Delhi is breaching the hazardous levels once again. Though the government has been trying to implement strict laws to control pollution, air quality continued to remain in the very poor category just a day before Deepavali.

As the pollution levels are increasing, the Delhi citizens are in a worried state. It’s reported that the pollutions levels might increase after Deepavali.

Dangerous gases in the Air?
Air quality haze-hit capital, New Delhi, deteriorated sharply because of unfavorable weather and an increase in smoke from stubble burning in fields across the region. As the pollution levels are increasing to dangerous levels, the environmental scientists are requesting people to skip burning crackers.
Air Quality Index
The air quality index recorded on Monday is 434 which is the highest in the season. According to the analysts, if the index is between 0-50, it’s good, if it’s recorded between 50-100 it’s satisfactory. If it’s recorded between 201-300 is considered to be poor, it’s very poor if recorded between 301-400, and is considered dangerous if it’s recorded between 401-500.
Adjacent states reason for the pollution?
It’s reported that the adjacent states Punjab, and Haryana are one of the reasons for growing pollution in Delhi. The analysts revealed that 24% of pollution in Delhi between October and November is caused by these states.