Ajay Bharat, Atal BJP: PM Modi’s slogan for 2019 polls

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a clarion call to BJP workers with the slogan “Ajay Bharat, Atal BJP”. With this, he targeted the opposition’s opportunistic efforts to form a ‘mahagathbandhan” at the party’s national executive meeting in New Delhi.

He said, “We have started our journey with confidence of victory. We enjoy the confidence of 125 crore people of India.”

He added, “People who do not see eye to eye are thinking of a grand alliance. It is vindication of our work.”
Modi said, “Question our work and we will be willing to fight. Compare the 48 years of their rule and 48 months of our government and then judge.”

Party chief Amit Shah said, “We will win 2019 polls and nobody will be able to remove us for the next 50 years after that. We are not saying this out of pride but on the basis of our work.”