According to a group of scientists, humans may not have found evidence of aliens but they could have found humans without us realising.

Some say that it could be that intelligent aliens are intentionally shielding us from the truth because humans would struggle to cope with the reality of their existence.

At the METI International meeting, researchers proposed that could be keeping us in somewhat of a ‘galactic zoo,’ simply watching us without revealing themselves so as to avoid spurring cultural upset on Earth.

Few suggest that extraterrestrial observers have been there all along without us realizing it.

According to Forbes, co-chair Jean-Pierre Rospars, the honorary research director at the Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique said, “We can expect the repeated, independent emergence of intelligent species in the universe, and we should expect to see more or less similar forms of intelligence everywhere, under favourable conditions.”

Jean-Pierre Rospars added, “There’s no reason to think that humans have reached the highest cognitive level possible. Higher levels might evolve on Earth in the future and already be reached elsewhere.”

Douglas Vakoch, president of METI, said, “Perhaps extraterrestrial are watching humans on Earth, much like we watch animals in a zoo. How can we get the galactic zookeepers to reveal themselves?”

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