In order to help create the world’s first artificial meteor showers, a Japanese company has sent a satellite into space. To test the feasibility of the same, the space with size of a large backpack has been sent into orbit attached to Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)’s Epsilon Rocket #4.

Astro Live Experience (ALE), a Tokyo-based firm, says that their fake version is superior to the natural equivalent as it lasts longer and is more intense.

Lena Okajima, CEO of ALE, said, “Just a few days ago, I witnessed our completed satellite being mounted onto the rocket that will eventually take our satellite into space. The completed satellite was absolutely gorgeous, mounted majestically on the rocket and when I realised that would soon travel to space, it seemed surreal.”

The CEO added, “We have come a long way, but there is still a long path ahead for us. My emotions are swaying between the accomplishment of completing our satellite, and a sense of responsibility for all the tasks that lie ahead of us. The launch of the Epsilon Rocket is the biggest milestone for ALE yet, and I sincerely hope that the launch will be a success. Lastly, I hope that our man made meteors will help reveal new discoveries in science, and that it will gather and entertain people under the night sky.”

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