Several people take Emergen-C, chalk tablets are packed with full of nutrients and other important ingredients. But as per new study, these are nothing but just a multivitamin in fizzy form.

The study states that taking it may shorten your cold – but it’s unlikely to keep you from catching one.

Here is the detailed report of the vital nutrients in Emergen-C and what do they have to do with fighting a cold. Read below.

    1. Vitamin C- 250 MG: The deficiency of Vitamic C will result in lower-functioning immune system. But study reveals that while higher intake may help to shorten the duration of a cold, it won’t prevent you from getting one. It is important to note that the body can only absorb about 180mg of vitamin C a day. After that, you lose 50 percent of your intake in urine.
    2. Magnesium – 55MG: Magnesium plays a very vital role in the immune system’s functioning and diets with plenty of magnesium may help athletes and elderly people keep their immune systems up if it is going to be compromised at all.   Also, note that get depleted with physical exercise, and that in turn seems to exhaust the immune system quite quickly. However, we don’t know too much more than that for certain.
    3. Calcium – 48 MG: Calcium makes sure that our system is optimised to absorb as much vitamin C as possible. But these are all complex interplays that require a balanced, consistent diet, rather than a single, powerful shot of nutrients. It is beneficial for bone health and strength.
    4. Phosphorous – 38 MG: just like, Calcium, Phosphorous benefits bone health and it acts like a maintenance machine, keeping the delicate balance of vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, iodine, magnesium and zinc.  When a high dose of it is consumed alongside super-high doses of some of the other nutrients in Emergen-C will not necessarily establish the ‘balance’ required in optimal immune system functions.
    5. B Vitamins 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 12: for sure, B Vitamins play prominent role for certain antigens and also recognize the infection. These are found in broccoli, whole grains, meats, eggs, seeds, nuts and some fruits. And a single tablet of Emergen-C contains as much as 500 percent of the recommended daily intake of B vitamins (in the case of B6). Note that the long-term over-intake can eventually cause nerve damage.

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