With the growing urbanization, indoor gardening has become quite popular among urban dwellers. People are realizing that gardening doesn’t need to be complicated. Personal-sized and automated gardening systems for your home exist to make soilless gardening easy for any level of gardener.

The researchers and food scientists who have been searching for ways to grow enough healthful food to feed the growing population and come out with aquaponics which comes from fusing aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics. Hydroponics grows plants in a nutrient solution and water rather than soil. With aquaponics, the nutrients are derived from fish waste byproducts rather than the soluble nutrients used in traditional hydroponics. These soilless growing methods are both resourceful closed-loop systems.

Now, agricultural innovators are successfully turning to aquaponics to grow food that saves water and uses less land while providing produce and protein.

As the aquaponics requires only a tiny amount of space, the demand for it is growing by leaps and bounds and most urban dwellers are opting for it.

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