Aravinda Sametha Review

Cast: NTR, Pooja Hegde, Jagapathi Babu, Sunil, Nagababu, Esha Rebba, and others
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer: S Radhakrishna
Music: SS Thaman
Release date: 10th October 2018

‘Young Tiger’ NTR who is on a roll with back to back blockbusters has been waiting to work with Trivikram Srinivas for 12 long years and finally teamed up with Trivikram for ‘Aravinda Sametha’.
With the impressive teaser, trailer, and ‘Peniviti’ song in particular, the movie has set sky-high expectations. Let’s see whether the combo of NTR and Trivikram can live up to all the hype and expectations or not.

Raghava Reddy (NTR) is the son of faction leader Narapa Reddy (Nagababu) who gets killed by his rival group leader Basi Reddy (Jagapathi Babu). Though his father gets killed by the enemy, Raghava Reddy wishes for peace and instead of taking revenge, he goes on a hibernation for 6 months.
He moves to Hyderabad where he gets appointed as the bodyguard for Aravinda (Pooja Hegde), who researches on Rayalaseema factionism for a documentary. Whether Raghava Reddy’s dream of wiping off the faction rivalries forever or not is the story.

Director Trivikram Srinivas who is known for his family dramas with subtle comedy surprises everyone with the choice of the subject which deals with factionism.
Despite coming out of his genre, Trivikram hasn’t deviated anywhere and stuck to the basic line throughout the movie without missing his trademark dialogues.

Without any doubt, it’s NTR’s show all the way and his role in ‘Aravinda Sametha’ is one of his best performances which can be remembered for a long time.
Apart from NTR, it’s Jagapathi Babu as a menacing villain and his performance in the interval block is quite frightening.
Sunil, who made a comeback after a long time gets a full-length role as Neelambari is apt in his role.
Pooja Hegde got a significant role as Aravinda but there’s no much scope to demonstrate depth in performance.

NTR’s outstanding performance
Trivikram’s writing is excellent in almost all the scenes
First 20 minutes of the film, Compromise scene, Climax episodes in the 2nd half
Jagapathi Babu’s menacing performance
Lack of comedy
NTR’s brilliant performance and Trivikram’s direction makes ‘Aravinda Sametha’ an exceptional movie. It’s a must watch.

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