Are you using the suncream lotions and cosmetics quite regularly? Then, beware! The manufacturers have been hiding several facts to sell their product.

The health officials have identified that these cosmetics and lotions contain the cancer-causing titanium dioxide which is being toothpaste, some makeup to lighten skin tones and sun screams because of its ability to reflect ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Recently, France has banned the use of titanium dioxide in food after the studies suggested that it may cause cancer.

Though there’s been a huge hue and cry on banning titanium dioxide, their recommendations to warn customers on labeling may be ignored by the European Commission sharing the industries’ view that there isn’t enough robust evidence.

The rule would apply to products containing the liquid form of titanium dioxide — which is said to be toxic if inhaled. But environmentalists claim unprecedented lobbying by the chemicals industry means the commission is unlikely to vote for change.

Tatiana Santos, from the European Environmental Bureau, said: “Hiding health warnings to maintain sales of a toxic ­product is wrong.

“Industry has spent millions on spin doctors and expensive lawyers when it should have spent that money making its products safer.” Some sunscreen firms use titanium dioxide because it reflects ultraviolet rays.

The European Chemicals Agency, which looked at data from experiments on animals, insists it can cause tumours.

But Cancer Research UK spokeswoman Helen Callard said: “So far there is no good evidence.”

On contacting the Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association (TDMA), for comment, it on its website that ‘robust, scientific evidence shows that titanium dioxide is safe and does not cause cancer’.

Though it’s proved that titanium dioxide can cause cancer in animals, it’s scientifically not proven on human beings. So, it’s always better to cover up rather than opting for these lotions as an alternative to protect from the sun.

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