‘Chiyaan’ Vikram’s son Dhruv Vikram who is all set to make his silver screen debut with ‘Varmaa’ receives a rude shock. The production house ‘E4 Entertainments’ has decided to shelve the project as it isn’t fully convinced with the final product and issued an official announcement.

During a press release, they released a statement in which they declared that they are not at all happy with the final version handed over to them and due to various creative and other differences they have decided not to release this version but instead start a fresh and shoot a new Tamil version of ‘Arjun Reddy’.

The production house also clarified that except Dhruv who will be playing the lead role, the entire cast and crew will be changed including director Bala will be changed for this film new version. Despite the increase in budget, the production house has no hassles in spending because they loved the movie and wanted to remake it in Tamil at any cost.

It’s big shocking news and kind of an insult to director Bala who delivered some of the biggest commercial and critically acclaimed movies in Tamil.

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