While some contact lenses are designed to be worn at nights, most of them are not. Doctors have been warning that sleeping in contacts that are meant for daily wear can lead to infections, corneal ulcers, and other health problems that can cause permanent vision loss.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its survey revealed that over 4 million Americans are falling asleep without removing their contact lenses and are getting affected by several infections.

The study also revealed that contact lenses reduce the much-needed supply of oxygen to the cornea or the surface of your eye. Normally, the cornea gets oxygen both from blood vessels in the eyelid at night and from the air during the day. A regular contact lens user relies on the nighttime supply to keep the eye healthy, so cutting off nighttime oxygen can be devastating.

Though Indians are very cautious about their eyes, the doctors have been warning to take off the contact lenses and even spectacles before going to bed.

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