The dilapidated building in Central Bank of India building in Delhi may be any other building and an electronics market, but hardly anyone knows about the history behind it.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that it has a great past and it was once a stately palace during the British era. It was gifted to Begum Samru by Akbar Shah II, the new Mughal emperor, gifted Begum Samru a plot of land in Shahjahanabad, in 1806. The Begum built a flamboyant residence (kothi) on it, surrounded by late-Mughal style gardens and fountains. The architecture was predominantly European in style. Soon, the palace emerged as a visual symbol of the Begum’s four-fold power- military, economic, social, and political.

Now, due to sheer negligence, the once stately palace has lost all its sheen and glory and just remains a normal electronic complex in Delhi.

The Palace of Begum Samru is situated in Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. You need to follow the road just before Kumar Cinema Hall to arrive at this place. It is also popularly known today as Bhagirath Palace which has been converted into an electrical goods wholesale shopping complex and in fact is the largest complex in Delhi.

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