Traveling often teaches us many things apart from giving the much-needed relaxation. It gives us new experiences, gives a chance to learn new things and at times traveling introduces new people.

While most of the people visit places to have a gala of time to booze, there are a few places which are best suited for people who don’t booze. As travel blogger Melissa Giroux said, someone who doesn’t drink doesn’t have to travel differently than people who do.

Sri Lanka

Apart from being known for its beautiful landscapes, Sri Lanka is one nation which has a large scale of non-boozers. Most people in this island nation prefers to stay away from alcohol due to the rich religious cultures.


Japan is one such country, where alcohol is not a compulsion for people unlike in the States and other western countries. You can have delicious food from the restaurants and enjoy your holiday despite no alcohol.


The capital city South Korea, Seoul is a perfect place of many fun things which you can do without alcohol. Night shopping in the market streets is really big fun. Everything right from clothes, to stationery and kitchen items, are available in these markets which are open only at the nights.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles can be said as heaven to sobers. One can enjoy surfing, play beach volleyball, and can have delicious food. The best thing you can find here is the vintage cars on a rental basis.


Scandinavian countries such as Sweden are great for non-drinkers. The liquor is too expensive here and can be sold only through government stores called as Systembolaget.


Unlike many countries, night-life is not just for boozers. The place has many beautiful things to do without consuming alcohol. You can enjoy the beachside walk, watch the movies in the open air and shop your favorite things.


Though alcohol is available in this African nation, it’s not a part of their culture. Morocco is a perfect destination for travel lovers who love to explore the places. With buzzing markets, ancient cities, and Sahara desert, Morocco is surely a top travel destination spot.

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