Cast: Dhanonjay, Irra Mor and others
Director: Siddhartha
Release date: 14th December 2018

The Kannada-Telugu bilingual has created enough buzz before the release due to Ram Gopal Varma’s promotion and finally hit the screens today. Let’s see what the movie is up to.


Story: Subba Reddy is ferocious faction leader who doesn’t mind killing even his loved ones for pride. Bhairava (Dhananjay) his follower and
henchman who obeys all his commands.

When Subbareddy decides to get his daughter married to Karra Reddy, he realises that his daughter is in love with Bhairava and decides to kill him. With no option left both Bhairava and Geetha runs away to save their lives. However, Bhairava’s friends and family gets killed in the process.

Whether Bhairava takes revenge on Subbareddy or not is the rest of the story.


Analysis: Though the movie resembles Gopichand’s ‘Yagnam’, director has taken enough measures to leave his mark.

Verdict: On the whole, Bhairava Geetha may not appeal to all sections of audience. The action movie lovers might enjoy it.

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