Though the deadly disease AIDS has been mostly out of the country now, it was not the case a decade ago. It sent shivers down the spine for the people as there was no cure.

A social activist Ashok Alexander’s book ‘Stranger Truth’ on AIDS sufferers has moved the Microsoft CEO Bill Gates who came forward to endorse the book.

The book introduces three contrasting characters. Ashok Alexander quit his lucrative corporate job and joined NGO founded by Bill Gates to study the effects of AIDS on human lives from the root level.

Saint, but a cruel man:

Starting his journey in 2003, he visited a place in Vishakapatnam and felt ashamed of the brothel business which was seen almost everywhere. When he questioned the local social worker, he took him to a saint who is the main culprit behind this.

Ashok Alexander who got furious on the self-styles Godman demanded an explanation for spooling the lives of many innocents. But, the Godman who didn’t even have the sense of guilt had questioned him back. He said that it’s also a social service and he’s giving pleasure to the people. He further said that he has his ow ways to either convince or warn the police.

A street rowdy, but a kind hearted man

After getting down at Mumbai railway station, Kavitha got scared by her surroundings. A man whom she loved the most and abandoned her parents for him, has betrayed her. He sold her in a brothel house and fled away.

Realizing that she got trapped, Kavitha burst into tears and explained the whole story to co-sex worker who gave her an advise. She asked her to seek the support of a local goon Bheem who is a regular visitor.

Kavitha followed her advice and requested him to bail out. A man with heart Bheem helped her and gave Rs 200 for the travel charges. He gave a new lease of life to her.

Kavitha…Sex worker who made realise

Though Kavitha started a new life, her past continued to haunt her. She faced insults everywhere and doesn’t have anyone to support her. Though she married a man, she got betrayed again but she’s blessed with a baby now.

With the necessity to feed the baby, Kavitha had no other option but to wt back into flesh trade. Shockingly, she got infected with the deadly AIDS and eventually she got addicted to alcohol.

When Kavitha’s all hopes were lost, she caught the attention of ‘Avahan’ organisation which is working for an AIDS free society. She joined the noble cause and helped the organisation by letting her life an example.

She continued her studies and became fluent in English. She visited 18 countries and created awareness on the necessity to end the AIDS and started a movement to curb the AIDS in India. Now, she’s a rare and an inspirational woman to many.

The book which threw a light on the lives of a saint, a goon, and sex-worker moved Bill Gates into tears. Being moved by the true incidents in the book, Bill Gates has requested everyone to buy and read the book ‘A Stranger Truth’.

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