India is not just land of diverse cultures, and traditions, it’s also a land of superstitions. Despite the country getting advance in various aspects, some of the age-old and senseless traditions still exist in the country.

We often see Sankranti being celebrated in various parts of India with different names. This is the festival where all the harvest is gathered (Paddy, Ragi etc) and then decorated and offered prayers and then finally taken to the warehouse to store them. An important ritual is the display of cows and cattle in colorful costumes in an open field. Cows are decorated for the occasion and taken on a procession.

However, in Karnataka’s Chamrajnagar district villagers celebrate the festival with a bizarre ritual. During the Sankranti festival here cows are forced to jump on fire as part of the Sankranti festival. The villagers believe that by doing this their cattle will live longer with good health and their business will grow.A large number of tourists and villagers from nearby town gathered to watch this ritual. The locals claim none of the cows were injured in the incident.

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