BJP, which created a record by emerging as the biggest single ruling party in 2014 is slowly losing its grip and is on the verge of facing defeat in the upcoming elections. Though it has a stronghold in the north, BJP has been extremely weak in the southern states. The Telangana BJP which faced a humiliating defeat in the just held Telangana elections is now trying to revamp the party’s plans and strategies.

As none of the BJP leaders in Telangana except Raja Singh from Gosha Mahal constituency could win the people’s faith, the party is in plans to find a replacement K. Lakshman who is heading the party in Telangana.

As per the sources, the party high command is in plans to appoint the spiritual leader Paripoornanda Swamy as the Telangana party president despite there’s a huge demand to promote either Sanjay or Achary as the party’s president in Telangana.

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