It was a day worth celebrations and joy for the British photographer James Rushworth. After waiting patiently for hours, he captured a scenic beauty where fishing boat was seen beautifully framed by a gigantic archway of ice off the coast of Greenland.


Though the boat was 108 feet long, it appeared too tiny when it was seen from behind the stunning 300 ft tall turquoise iceberg.

The photographer was elated to capture one of the most beautiful pictures ever and shared his joy.


He said: ‘While we were out sailing we came across a series of these huge fantastic icebergs.

‘The boat I was on is the sister ship of the schooner you can see through the archway of the iceberg and the two boats circled it so we could get pictures.


‘We had to be careful not to get too close though, just in case the iceberg collapsed, which would have produced some colossal waves.

‘At the time I was so focused on getting the picture perfect, but once I had it I was able to sit back and appreciate the iceberg.


‘They are like snowflakes, no two are alike, and this one was undoubtedly the most impressive I have seen, both in terms of size and beauty.’

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