It’s a huge and irrecoverable shock to the Britons as they got cheated a huge sum by the fake taxmen from India. A group of employees from a small call center in India’s Ahmedabad have been looting lakhs of pounds in the name of tax from the Britons claiming that they are from IT department and forced them to pay the demanded amount or to face the jail term if not paid.

Over 330 cases such case have been busted in the last six months. The victims are told they owe tax and face arrest and imprisonment if they do not pay up instantly. Some of the victims have lost as much as £20,000.

The fraudsters who seems fearless have boasted that they are not scared of being tracked down by the British officials. With most of the victims denying to lodge the complaint, the fraudsters have been looting several innocents. This fraud is not just restricted to the UK alone. Even thousands have been looted in the USA as well.

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