India is a vast country with diverse cultures, and traditions. Home for several famous dishes, there’s always a debate over who invented the dish among the states in IndRosogollaia.

Since the past few years, Odisha and West Bengal have been fighting over the famous sweet Rosogolla (called as in Bengali), Rasagola (called as i Oriya).

Odisha government started work on claiming geographical indication (GI) for the sweet in 2015. However, in 2017, West Bengal got the GI tag for ‘Bengal’s Rosogolla’ as something that was invented Nobin Chandra Das in 1868.

While Odisha’s ‘rasgola’ melts in your mouth quickly, Bengal’s ‘rosogola’ is spongy and stays longer. Yet, the cultural dispute has been going on.

However, as per the food historian Usharani Tripathi and author of Taste of Odisha and My Odia Kitchen, many Odia cuisines have made their way into Bengali cuisine and got famous as the original Bengali cuisines.


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#Besara ଝଡ଼ା ବେସର(jhada besara) Odia cuisine, is know for its simplicity and delicate treatment of food products. Another important thing in Odia cuisine is the use of mustard seeds and oil. This delicacy is very simple to prepare in which the main ingredient is the Mullet /Khainga fish is used .Basically this authentic dish is from Puri district of Odisha. At the time of Dussehra(Durga festival) it is given as Prasad to Maa Durga in Devi pithasa.In marriage function also it is prepared for the guests. As the bones get separated from the fish then cooked with veggies that’s why it is known as Jhada besara. Onion and garlic are not used in this dish. Recipe👇 Ingredients 1.One Medium sized Mullet fish/Khinga 2.Vegetables I have used two medium sized eggplant, one potato, one plantain, four to five potala/parwal,a small piece of pumpkin. 3.Fine paste made out of two tsp of mustard seeds and four medium sized dried red chillis. 4.Another paste one tsp fennel seeds and ginger. 5.Turmeric powder one tsp 6.Salt to taste 7.Mustard Oil four tsp To Temper (chunka) 1.One tsp Panchaphutana 2.Some dried chillies Method 1.Wash the fish, heat a wok/kadhai add two tsp mustard oil, fry the fish directly by adding salt and turmeric powder if the size is small or else cut it into small pieces and fry. Then take out the bones and keep the flesh aside. 2.In an another pan/dakchi add one cup of water, let the water start to boil add the veggies, salt and turmeric powder. When it is cooked add both the pastes and the fish flesh. Cook for another five minutes. 3.Now heat mustard oil, add dried chillies and panchaphutana. Let the panchaphutana crackled. Add this in the cooked veggies. 4.Serve hot with Rice or Paratha .

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