Carboxytherapy: New and cheaper treatment for Obesity

The sedentary lifestyle, increasing urbanization and food habits in the modern world are leading to obesity which has become a global health problem and it’s a serious health threat which ignored can turn fatal at times.

With several options to reduce available in the market, people are more keen on opting for several therapies like liposuction despite being too costly.
For all those who are suffering from obesity and can’t shell out huge amounts to reduce the weight, here comes a good news. The newly introduced Carboxytherapy can help in reducing the excess fat at an affordable price.

The researchers conducted testing on 16 adults by injecting Carbon dioxide injection and the results are surprising. In the treatment, known as carboxytherapy – a fine needle is used to inject carbon dioxide just under the skin. The carbon dioxide kills fat cells, while the extra oxygen eliminates fluid build-up between cells.
Unlike other treatments, carboxytherapy doesn’t leave any scars on the skin and comes at a cheaper price when compared to other treatments in the market.