Chandra Babu challenges BJP to declare Amaravati as India's second capital

Ever since TDP has been pressurizing BJP for ‘Special Status’ category to Andhra Pradesh, BJP has been playing a foul play to defame Chandra Babu Naidu. It’s provoking the Rayalaseema leaders to raise slogans against the injustice done to them in Chandra Babu’s rule.

Reacting to the ‘Rayalaseema Declaration’ issue, AP CM Chandra Babu emphasized that it’s who developed Rayalaseema like no other politician and also stressed that he belongs to the same region.
Babu further questioned the integrity of BJP and asked them to declare Amaravati as India’s second capital. He also advised his party leaders not to make any personal comments on the BJP leaders and said they would continue their fight till the justice is done.