Chandrababu Naidu gets emotional in the Assembly

With the opposition party YCP staying away from the Budget session of Andhra Pradesh Assembly, the proceedings have become a TDP show. TDP Supremo and A.P. CM Chandrababu Naidu is utilizing this opportunity to the fullest. Having appealed to people’s ambition and logic in the past, Chandrababu is now taking an emotional route. The statements “Who did I visit Delhi 21 times for? Did my family benefit from my Delhi trips? Did I not plead with the PM for our state and its people?”, has been heard too many times in the past few wekks for the confort of the TDP leaders themselves. His emotional outbursts in the Assembly are increasing by the day. “I am one of the seniormost politicians in the country… I have played kingmaker and decided about PM candidates…I have seen many governments come and go…” Even the TDP cadres are grumbling about the frequency of this self-praise.

In the Assembly session on Tuesday, BJP floor leader Vishnu Kumar Raju’s sarcasm deeply wounded the CM. His eyes swam with tears as he declared that it was unfair to make fun of his ambition to build a world-class capital city that could contribute to the progress of the future generations. Taking his glasses in one hand, Chandrababu wiped his tears with the other, in a display of emotion that was by no means new to the Assembly.

Unimpressed critics have said that there is no use of Babu’s shedding tears now. They have also pointed out that in conparison with Jagan’s high-scale wooing of the people of Andhra Pradesh through his Praja Sankshema Yatra, Chandrababu’s histrionics with the Assembly as his stage were falling flat. One wonders if these tears, declarations and complaints are even reaching the ears of the ‘big men’ in Delhi.