TDP chief and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu reacted sharply to the sarcastic words of KCR. Referring to KCR’s return gift statement after TRS’s victory, Chandrababu said at a meeting in Ongole that in a democratic country like India, any leader can go anywhere and do public service. KCR has said he will come to AP and give a ‘return gift’ to Chandrababu Naidu just as the Babu came and interfered in Telangana politics.

Finally, the AP CM reacted saying the TDP would continue to work in every place where Telugu people are residing as NTR has founded this party for protecting the interests of all Telugus. Chandrababu pointed out that KCR was making comments against him because he went to campaign in Telangana elections and the TDP would not ignore the needs of Telugu people.

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