Cheapest phone ‘Freedom 251’ maker among 3 arrested in extortion case

On Sunday, the police arrested Mohit Goel, who made headlines by offering the world’s cheapest smartphone. Mr. Goel, who was the founder of a company called Ringing Bells, was arrested in an extortion case along with two others. The ANI reported that those arrested were allegedly trying to extort money for setting a rape case in Delhi.

In 2016, the company offered ‘Freedom 251’ smartphones for an unbelievable price of Rs 251.
Also, 30,000 customers paid for it and pre-ordered the phone online. And nearly seven crore people registered to buy it when it went on sale.
The company began selling the phone along with several other models and accessories through Amazon India.
Since then, the Ringing bells faced inquiries by police and tax officials and later it had to shut down.
In December 2017, Mr. Goel claimed that despite commitment to ‘Make in India’ and ‘Start-up India’ initiative, he did not get support from the government.