In a shocking revelation, the BBC London news has exposed a string of frauds to help migrants pass the much-maligned Life In The UK test.

A migrant worker who was panic over being kicked out of the country after Brexit, has forced her to cheat.

Around among the four applicants fail the test, which covers topics ranging from the constitution and medieval history to art and sport.

An under cover reporter In the exposé, broadcast tonight, met Abdul Reza Masud, director of the Ideal Learning Academy in east London. He found that instead of helping him with tuition to pass the test, Masud asked the reporter for £2,000 to help him cheat.

The Mail in 2014 revealed that a citizenship scam in which migrants who weren’t able to speak English were able to buy a certificate for £500 stating they had passed a language test.

With the increasing fraud ratio, Home Office tried to tighten the rules by making migrants take citizenship tests at sites near their homes.

A Home Office spokesperson said: ‘Where we have evidence that a test centre is failing to uphold our standards, we will investigate and take appropriate action.’

However, Masaud quashed the allegations on him as baseless when confronted by BBC.

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