Coffee prices go sky-high...What are the reasons?

Since ages, Coffee has grown worldwide can trace its heritage back centuries. To most of us, coffee is so essential to life that it’s unimaginable that it wasn’t enjoyed as a beverage. Surprisingly, Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, behind only oil. It’s a part of everyone’s life, even people who don’t drink it. The beverage with over centuries of behind it is now getting too costly.

Coffee is no longer a coffee alone. It’s been divided into three categories depending on the quality and status of people who consume the coffee. Economy coffee, Deluxe coffee, and Hifi coffee are the names given to them in local restaurants.
Likewise, these different coffees are called the First Wave, Second Wave, and Third Wave in the global market. While the First Wave coffee is cheap and economical which can be available anywhere. The Second Wave coffee is a bit costly which can be available only at costly coffee shops like Star bucks, and Petes. The Third Wave coffee is exclusively for super-rich people and it is called cultural coffee.
But, this special coffee Third Wave coffee is in deep trouble now. As the prices have been dropped in the past 12 years, the farmers from 30 countries across the world are making protests due to the difference in production cost, and market price. Now, the rates of special coffee have gone sky-high which is worrying even the super-rich class.