The office holiday party is the time when the employees get time to gather together and celebrate the past year and look forward to the next year. It can be time for gossips and share some interesting stories. And most of the Tech companies pamper their full-time employees with all the perks, health insurance plans, but leave out the contract employees.

Though the tech contractors work at the same buildings, work on the same projects and eat the same food as full-time employees, without getting the same perks and benefits.

The part-time employees of Google and Apple expressed their displeasure for not being informed about the office party. However, Google has declined to comment on whether contractors are invited to holiday parties. A Google spokesperson said, “Temps, vendors, and contractors are an important part of our extended workforce, but they are employed by other companies, not Google.” Facebook and Apple — two other companies that reportedly rely on a large shadow workforce of contractors for their products — did not respond to questions about their holiday party policies.

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