Loneliness is often a serious problem where people often get neglected and there was a perception that only the aged people feel the pain of loneliness. But, shockingly, researchers found that not only is loneliness more prevalent than previously feared, but is ‘particularly acute’ during the late-20s, mid-50s, and late-80s.

The public health officials have warned about the epidemic rise of loneliness among even the youngsters who are in their late 20s. The study was carried on 340 members from San Diego County who are in the age group of 27 and 101.

Study leader Dr. Dilip Jeste said: ‘This is noteworthy because the participants in this study were not considered to be at high risk for moderate to severe loneliness.

He also said that these people doesn’t have any physical disorders or any significant mental illness such as depression or schizophrenia which usually linked to loneliness.

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