The climatic changes have been sending warning signals not to the humans alone but to the insects as well. A shocking study reveals that around two-fifths of the world’s insect species may disappear over the next few decades, and the next generation would read about insets only in the books as they would be completely become extinct. Given insects’ role for sustaining plant and animal life—by pollinating plants and serving as a food source—that’s as dire a prediction as they come.

These warning bells were issued in a global review of insect declines, in which the authors called for a dramatic rethinking of agricultural practices and better strategies for cleaning polluted waters.

It’s been warned that if the decline in the insect population cannot be halted now, it will lead to catastrophic consequences for both the earth’s ecosystems and for the survival of mankind.

The new scientific review reveals that the heavy use of pesticides, climate change, and invasive species are some of the prime reasons for the decline in the insect population.

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