Delhi family deaths: Diary notings give chilling details

The deaths of 11 members of a family shocked the nation and a day after they were found mysteriously dead in their home in Delhi, an autopsy has confirmed that all of them died because of hanging, without struggle.
Now, two diaries found at their home have helped police make some sense of the mass suicide.
According to sources, it appeared that Lalit, Narayani Bhatia’s youngest son, had been making notes on someone’s “directions” – possibly his father, Gopal Das Bhatia, who died 10 years ago.
“It appears that Lalit had been hallucinating that his father was giving instructions to the family through him,” said an officer who studied the diaries.

The notings indicate that the family, at some point, may have tried to organise a “meeting” with Lalit’s late father.
One of the last notings reads that that the mother would feed rotis to everyone. This has been corroborated as the family ordered 20 rotis from a nearby shop for which it paid Rs 200. They didn’t order any vegetables. The police have found the restaurant bill in the house. The food was delivered around 10.40pm.
It is also heard that they conducted ‘havan’ hours before the suicides.
A senior police officer said: “Right from asking them to stand on stools, to the mother lying on a separate bed in the other room, and Pratibha, the widowed sister of Lalit, to hang near the temple’s chaukhat — everything is mentioned in detail in the notings.”
He added: “The first entry in the diary is of 2015.
Further investigation is underway.