Mobile phones are no longer just used for communication alone. With the increase in selfie craze among people, the smartphone companies have started focusing more on cameras to woo the customers.


A dual camera in a cellphone was a big surprise till a decade ago. But, most of the smart phone companies are competing and increasing the number of cameras to increase their sales. Recently, Huawei has launched Mate Pro which has 3 cameras.


Anticipating a threat, Samsung has launched Galaxy A9 with four cameras.

In a surprising mov, LG gave a breaking news that it will soon release a 16 camera phone.


But, does these cameras can give a better picture quality than the professional DSLR cameras or not is the main question.


Though some of the phones like Apple gives a better quality pictures than most of the phones, none could replace a DSLR camera and it’s a fact that has to be admitted. The smartphone companies are just trying to market their products by enticing the customers with added features.

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