In general, people say – the customer is always right but at times, clients can prove too much for employees.

People from around the world revealed as how they’ve used to get their own back on worst customers.

Check below:

  1. “Had a particularly handsy customer all night. So I accidently poured cream in his lap.”
  2. “I work at whole foods. If customers are rude, I put my hand on the scale to over charge them for produce.”
  3. “There was a man that was really rude and drunk and he demanded a glass white wine so I poured him water and told him it’s white wine.”
  4. “I once put broken security tags in a customer’s bag so it would leak on their new clothes. My boss wasn’t very happy with me..”
  5. “I’ve ‘forgotten’ to apply discounts to rude customers. Be nice, people!”
  6. “Once I purposely gave them the wrong three different times to the same lady because she was the meanest person I’ve ever encountered.”
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