Donald Trump’s aide: H-1B is a ‘work in progress’

On Thursday, the White House said that the administration is working on reforming the H-1B foreign workers visa programme which will be part of a skills and merit based legal immigration system.
Larry Kudlow, who is the chief economic advisor to President Donald Trump, said, “The president has laid this out. We need legal immigration. We need skills-based, merit-based immigration. Those are just a few of the issues. That would be terrific. We can’t seem to get it through Congress. But skills-based, and merit-based and not a family chain-based, I think they will be very useful.”

He added, “We’re looking at it. It’s a work in progress.”
“The thrust of that is merit-, skills-based, which is going to be very significant change. We should’ve done it years ago. The president is absolutely right (on this),” he said.
“H-1Bs and lots of other classifications of visas, we are looking at all of that stuff,” Kudlow said.