According to a new study, early risers are less likely to suffer from depression and are generally happier. The study states that morning people are up to 35 per cent less likely to suffer from depressive symptoms, based on their genes.

On the other hand, the night owls genes may also make them more intelligent, perhaps because they spend more time reading when they are up late.

The study found that the morning people and night owls larks and owls may process caffeine differently, so that a morning cup of coffee may stay in a night owl’s system for longer and keep them up at night.

Professor Mike Weedon, of the University of Exeter Medical School, said, “The large number of people in our study means we have provided the strongest evidence to date that “night owls” are at higher risk of mental health problems, such as schizophrenia and lower mental wellbeing, although further studies are needed to fully understand this link.”

Dr Sam Jones, of the University of Exeter, said, “The link with depression could be explained by the fact that night owls are forced by their jobs and everyday life to get up early. Constantly having to fight against your natural body clock could have negative effects on your mental health.”

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