There’s an age-old saying that ‘health is wealth’ and exercise is considered as one of the best methods to keep oneself healthy and fit. Of late, the health consciousness among people has increased and most of them are hitting the gyms to get fit.

Though many slogs in the gyms for hours, they hardly find the desired results despite quality training. To end all your worries, a London-based celebrity trainer David Huggins has created a fitness and nutrition programme designed to reset your body in just three weeks.

He said that by exercising just for 21 minutes for 21 days anyone can reboot their system and it’s proven already. He also said that workouts during this 21-day reset focus on teaching the body different types of movement: extension, rotation, and flexion.

The exercise routine may take more than 21 minutes when you’re starting out. As you improve you’ll become faster.

Some better tips for all of these exercises:

Most of these exercises flow into the next seamlessly
You will need a towel and an exercise mat
Do the exercises barefoot

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