Few more dynamites from 'Operation Garuda' Hero

Actor Sivaji who made a sensational statement about AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu’s non-bailable warrant had justified his forecast after Babu was issued the non-bailable warrant. When he was questioned how would he know about the warrant, while even Chandra Babu isn’t aware of it, Sivaji expressed his dissatisfaction by saying he has his own intelligence.

He fumed at the central government for issuing notices on the case which occurred 8 years ago. Sivaji asked the government to play their dirty tricks but cautioned them to keep the future of next generations in the mind. He also said that if Chandra Babu Naidu gets trapped in this, he will be getting two to three more notices in different cases which are ready to be issued.
Sivaji expressed anguish saying it’s unconstitutional to dethrone the government chosen by the politics. He also touched the AP politics and questioned if Chandra Babu Naidu goes to the Jail, will the Assembly get dissolved and elections would be held in January and is Jagan ready for it? Though he’s not contesting from any party as of now, Sivaji is surely making waves in the political arena.