Dreams are inseparable from us and everyone loves good dreams. But, there are also nightmares which make us scared to sleep and at times they make our lives miserable if they occur frequently.

Though many cite horror movies or any horrific incidents for the cause of nightmares, researchers found the actual reason for them and came up with solutions to avoid the nightmares.

1. A clinical psychologist John Meyer from Chicago found that negative thinking and thinking too much of Unsolved problems would lead to nightmares. He advises to solve the problems and stay away from negative thinking to avoid these nightmares.

2. According to the researches carried in 2001, sensitive people are more prone to nightmares. It also suggested that the creative thinkers are also at danger of experiencing nightmares frequently.

3. People post-traumatic disorder are also prone to nightmares and hence they are advised to take medication and mingle socially to avoid these.

4. A clinical survey reveals that the medicines we use also leads to the nightmares.

5. The researchers also advised not to take full meals before sleep and a light meal can keep us healthy and away from such nightmares.

6. It’s proven that even alcoholics face this issue but Vodka ‘tonic’ would help you in a stress-free sleep.

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