Just like the evolution of computers and mobile phones have changed the face of the world and living style, Drones are likely to bring massive changes in the future. A 27-year-old Bengaluru based Mughilan Ramasamy, one of the founders of Bengaluru-based Skylark Drones says drone industry will bring a big revolution just like the computers in 1980s.

He is also confident that as the second round of the drone policy is in discussion mode, the first steps are being taken, the drone equivalents of enterprise and personal computing will now emerge.

Though the food delivery giants Zomato, Über Eats, and Amazon have been looking to get permission for food delivery through drones, the government hasn’t approved it.

As of now, the civil aviation ministry has given permission to supply organs and life saving medicines by drones.

When we think of drones, the first image that pops up in our mind is quadcopters. But, Skylark Drones are a bit different. Though there have some of these features, it also makes its own fixed wing drones which can fly much further, and much longer, although they can’t hover unlike a quadcopter.

Built on a light weight material like Thermocol, Skylark drones can fly up to 60 kms and 6 hours.

In an interview, Lt Cdr John Livingstone (Retd), Founder & Director of Indian Institute of Drones, said, Drone 2.0 is only a fancy dream. However, Ramasamy who is one of the stakeholders completely disagreed and said that fully functional drones would soon be a reality despite some teething troubles in the implementation.

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