With the advent of technology, the whole world is at our fingertips. Right from booking movie tickets, to flight tickets everything has become easier. Along with its long list of advantages, the internet revolution has brought some disadvantage as well.

With the onset of smartphones and mobile apps like ‘TikTok’, ‘PUBG’ and several others, the youth are getting addicted to these apps leaving their future in dark. With the growing demand for the ban of these apps, the Madras High Court has ordered a ban on TikTok at the start of April, directing the central government to prohibit the download of the app.

India has a long history of Internet bans

The Indian government has been censoring the internet and has banned the PUBG game with the fear that it will promote violence or distract the children from their academics.

There’s also the now long-running ‘porn’ ban, blocked by court orders to protect children. “The porn ban has just been silly because anyone can just use proxies or VPN to get around the ban entirely,” said Saravanan K, a security consultant based in Bengaluru. “It’s very low tech, and if you Google ‘how to unblock porn India’, there are literally hundreds of Indian news sites falling over themselves to teach people to do this.”

A matter of free speech

With the growing demand to ban the app, ‘TikTok’ has countered by saying that the ban will hurt the freedom of speech and said that they are committed to local laws and regulations.

However, instead of banning these apps, the government should have asked the online platforms to ensure their content can only be accessed by individuals of the appropriate age.

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