Humans could achieve fuel-free interstellar travel by harvesting energy from binary black holes in a brand new method dubbed the ‘Halo Drive’, according to one Ivy league Astronomer.

An astronomer at Columbia University, David KippingDavid Kipping said that theoretically aliens could already be using that technology without our knowledge.

In a study published in the journal AirXiv, Kipping said, “The search for intelligence amongst the cosmos is often guided by considering the possible activities of hypothetical advanced civilizations and the associated technosignatures that would result”.

Kipping added, “Along these lines, this work has considered how an advanced civilization might utilize the light sailing concept to conduct relativistic and extremely efficient propulsion.”

“A civilization could exploit black holes as galactic way points but would be difficult to detect remotely, except for an elevated binary merger rate and excess binary eccentricity,” said Kipping.

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